Have you looked to buy Arkansas car insurance lately?  We all seem to be inundated with insurance advertisements daily and they really all say the same thing, “Give us a call to save money on your insurance in 15 minutes or less”.  Obviously, I work in the insurance business so I may have a different take but do you really think my most prized possessions deserve nothing more than a call center rep throwing numbers into a computer system just to see if they can save me $15.00 a month?

Let’s address this from a couple of angles. 

Typically these ads are targeting our personal insurance including our cars, our home and other toys to go along with it.  For most people their car payment and mortgage are by far their greatest monthly expense and they encompass the largest portion of their assets.  When I add up the total value of my average clients home and vehicles together it totals hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If these are the greatest value in my financial portfolio, and insurance is the thing that protects them if the unforeseen happens, are they not worth having someone evaluate how to properly protect them?


I do completely understand the common mindset of it won’t happen to me.  Most people assume if they have a car accident it will simply be a fender bender at a stop light, but what if it was more than that.  What if the worst accident you have ever seen involved you and your family?  I have helped many families through claims in my career and not one of them thought the day before there was a chance it would happen to them.

By now I am sure you get my point.  The possessions you work so hard for are worth being protected by more than a low wage call center rep who will likely never speak to you again.

Considering you likely only review your insurance every few years I urge you to take a little extra time next time to ensure you are getting the appropriate coverage’s.  While it would be nice to save a couple of hundred dollars a year what if $200.00 in coverage could be the difference in a claim for thousands of dollars being paid or not.  If you are getting an insurance quote, obviously from an independent agent, I encourage you to ask if there are any coverage’s not included that should be considered:

  •  Is there a better policy for more money that would be worth considering?
  • Are there any coverage’s that are excluded that should be included?
  • Are there any coverage’s such as jewelry on your homeowner’s policy that are limited?

In short, take your time, consider all options, and be sure that you are working with an experienced independent agency with many companies to choose from.

AIA Insurance Advisors is a independent insurance agency located in Little Rock, Arkansas.  AIA serves many states across the southern portion of the US.