Arkansas Commercial Auto Insurance

Protect your vehicles. Whether you have one or more than one you need to ensure your company has protection if your driver is involved in an accident on business time. Comprehensive to liability coverage, Arkansas Insurance Advisors can help you find the best commercial auto insurance policy for you.

Arkansas Commercial General Liability Insurance

CGL or commercial general liability insurance protects your business should someone sue you for the services or products you provide. If a defect occurs in a product or your sales professional is not clear about a product when describing it, you could be liable if you do not have insurance to protect against this.

Arkansas Commercial Property Insurance

You own your building or rent it. As a result, you need the proper insurance product to protect it from hazards including fire and flooding, not to mention theft and vandalism. Without protection, a situation could occur that leaves you financially unable to keep your business operational.

Arkansas Workers Compensation

Every business in the state is required to maintain workers compensation policies, depending on its size; Do not go without it. If an employee is injured while working for you, you could face thousands of dollars in fees if coverage is in place.  The rates for workers compensation are based on two primary factors which are the job function an employee performs which is what the cost is based on along with the total payroll paid out. For an employee who works in an office setting the rate is typically less than 1 percent of total payroll but the premium for a tree trimmer or roofer is likely to exceed 10 percent of total payroll.

Arkansas Business Owner Package

A BOP or business owner package helps to ensure your business has all of the necessary insurance products to maintain your business without putting it at risk. This policy keeps your costs lower while ensuring you have ample protection.  While the list of companies which qualify for a BOP is narrow, the coverage’s and insurance premiums are unmatched outside of the BOP.  A few businesses who may qualify for a BOP are office settings such as attorneys  and medical offices to the typical retail store.  To qualify for a BOP there must be multiple lines of coverage included but typically a business that qualifies for a BOP can obtain their liability insurance along with full inventory coverage for a fraction of the typical insurance costs.