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What to Consider When Insuring your Arkansas Landscaping Business


Taking time to properly insure your Arkansas Landscaping business is critical in the event of a claim.  From having your lawn maintenance equipment stolen to a car wreck putting a truck out of service for weeks it is important to have your insurance with a company who understands the landscaping industry and how important it is to put you back in service right away.

At AIA we work with many different companies who target insuring landscaping companies.  In the insurance industry if a company targets a specific industry they will make sure they have the proper coverage’s at the best pricing to ensure they are competitive.

Below we have a short list of some of the coverage’s you need to insure your landscaping business:

General Liability – Obviously you hope nothing happens but what if an employee mistakenly hit something with a mower that ultimately injured someone?  Are you prepared to pay for your own legal defense and their medical bill out of pocket? General liability insurance is critical to have to properly protect your business for those unforeseen events.

Commercial Auto – While often misunderstood, commercial auto insurance is very important for your Arkansas lawn maintenance and landscaping business.  A personal auto insurance policy is not designed for commercial exposures and there is a good chance a claim will be denied if a vehicle is involved while being used for business; many personal insurance companies will not allow over 500 pounds in equipment to be towed for business use.  In addition, be sure not to overlook adding your landscaping trailers to your commercial auto insruance policy as well.

Workers Compensation – Not only is workers compensation required by law for your employees but it is the right thing to do to ensure any medical bills incurred by your employees on the job are covered.  Also, if you are new to workers compensation insurance it is important to work with in insurance advisor who can advise you are the annual audits and the importants of any sub-contractors providing you with proof of insurance to prevent any surprises down the road.

Inland Marine – Insurance for your equipment is one of the most likely things to be used.  Insuring your equipment on an inland marine policy covers it anywhere from your shop to the job-site.  The insurance premiums for inland marine coverage are surprising inexpensive.  If a thief were to cut the lock on a landscaping trailer which was loaded with equipment thousands of dollars would be gone within minutes without proper inland marine insurance.  One tip for insuring your landscaping equipment is to maintain as many details of the equipment as possible in case a claim were to arise.  At AIA we recommend our clients maintain a spreadsheet showing the year, make, model, serial number and value for all equipment and to keep pictures on file as well.  You will never expect an insurance claim before it happens, be sure to be prepared just in case.

While there are additional insurance coverage’s that may need to be considered such as a commercial umbrella, cyber liability and employment practices liability insurance the coverage’s above will be a great starting point.  If you would like to start a quote click the link below or feel free to visit our Meet the Team page to schedule an appointment with an AIA advisor to discuss what will be needed to evaluate the insurance needs for your Arkansas Landscaping business today!