Restaurant Insurance

While Arkansas Insurance Advisors has always advised most any business, restaurant insurance has always been our greatest niche.  We serve restaurants in most all parts of Arkansas including everything from dive bars to fine dining.  The direction of AIA to place a focus on insuring restaurants began with the background of owner Elliott Carr as you will see below:

Servicing the food service industry has always been a passion for me.  Prior to insurance I worked in the restaurant business for almost a decade.  Starting as a cook in high school at a fast food restaurant, then quickly changing to working as a server at a local restaurant in Conway, I ultimately was hired on to open a new Outback Steakhouse and continued working there for years; actually I thought owning a restaurant would be my long term career.  Whether working with bars and taverns to fine dining restaurants, or anything in between, I thoroughly enjoy advising restaurant owners on how to properly mitigate their risk and adequately protect what they pour their lives into. – Elliott Carr, AIA Owner

We understand both the needs and demands of a restaurant owner.  With insuring so many restaurants we have experience and understand what claims you are most likely to have.  For example, one of our clients called one day and said “I am sure I don’t have coverage for this but my manager has been stealing money from me for a long time and I just caught what has been going on; is there any chance my insurance will pay for this?”  Fortunately he had the right coverage and most of the loss was paid for.  The point is that if you only evaluate price and simply obtain a quick quote some of these things may not be covered.  Another common gap in insurance for restaurants is how long does it take before coverage kicks in for a claim resulting from the loss of power.  While some policies began offering coverage rather quickly many take days before the coverage begins for this type of loss.  While your restaurant insurance is not always the top priority on your mind the features of it become critical if someone slips and falls or a power outage spoils everything in the walk-in.

At the end of the day, your expertise is food and the dining experience, let us manage your restaurant insurance so you can focus on what matters most to you.

To begin the process of assessing the needs for your business and creating the right restaurant insurance package for you there is some information we will need.  At the bottom of this page you can find a form which will ask the most common questions which will at least get the process started.  In addition we will need to obtain a copy of your current restaurant insurance policies.  If we create a package which includes adequate coverage and it is simply compared to another option solely based on price the features may be very different.  In the beginning of the process we will complete a thorough evaluation of your current insurance coverages.

If you would prefer to schedule an initial meeting to properly discuss insurance for your restaurant you can Click Here or call our office at 501.436.6840.


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